In the beginning…

October 24, 2009

For years, we Amish have lived seclude from the prying eyes and scrutiny of the public. With so little known about our practices many have speculated on our beliefs of living without modern conveniences. It’s for good reason; we have kept our customs separate from the rest of the world until TODAY!

For the first time ever the best kept secret has been leaked to the English world by the founder of Amish Condoms – Hezekiah B Hydenwoode. Watch in this video as Hezekiah shows you the making of the best fruit of our labor…the Amish Condom. Starting with the bounties of the forest Hezekiah harvests the sturdiest pine to create the most durable protection. What as he toils pounding, drilling and whittling at his wood for everyone to see. Summing up the measure of every man in his final strokes and what he makes is one of a kind. Never before have cameras been allowed to film or have the methods allowed to be observed by a secular person.

Don’t keep it a secret be part of the condom revolution today. Help spread more than the just the word by showing your support of Hezekiah’s efforts at